What can a Solicitor Negligence Lawyer Do for you?


Sites For Lawyers Worth Your Attention

The internet is full of great resources for lawyers and I find them almost every day and bookmark them.

I thought I’ll share a short post with you with some sites that are worth your attention:…

Law School Exam Tips with Professor Anne Coughlin


A good video full of good advice! Students following my blog, make sure to watch it.…

About my Litigation Services


Before I get my services, let me recommend you a great service that was recommended to my by my friend, namely Chester solicitors -Aaron and Partners. It’s a great company for those based in the United Kingdom, especially in …

The Law You Won’t Be Told

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Learn How Divorce Attorney Can Help You Get Spousal Support


Right after a divorce is declared final along with the parties have moved, circumstances sometimes change and may even warrant a fresh or revised award of alimony, often known as alimony or maintenance. Most likely the spouse entered the very …

5 Things You Might Not Be Aware Of When It Comes To Property Law

property law

“What’s mine is mine,” as we say. From childhood onward, everybody has had experiences of owning things. A lot of things we sell, and several we trade or give out. We own more things on a much larger scale, such …

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